Saifee Hospital Tanzania

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  • Our Mission
    Provide health care that is Accessible, Affordable and of the Highest Quality
  • Our Vision
    To be the country’s Pioneer in Innovation and Provision of healthcare.
  • Easily Accessible
    Located in the center(heart) of the City of Dar es Salaam

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Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Full Range of services for both mother and baby including; Antenatal Care,Postnatal care, Infertility Treatment and Gynaecology Surgeries.

Neonatal & Paediatric I.C.U

Highly specialized Intensive Care Units for babies that are just born to children of any age group..

Critical Care Unit

Advanced adult medical, surgical and cardiac units for patients that require highly specialized care

Surgical Specialities

General Surgery, Trauma, Cardiothoracic, Orthopedic & Joint replacement, Neurosurgery, Urology, Surgical Oncology, Plastic Surgery, Burns, E.N.T, Ophthalmology, Paediatric Surgery.

Diagnostic Specialities

Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, Bronchoscopy, Colour Doppler, 3D Ultrasonography, MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray and 3D Echo and fully operational laboratory that has the capacity to perform a wide range of tests.


With the latest equipment in dialysis through Fresenius. Our Dialysis equipment unit can cater for any type of patient.


Family Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Oncology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology and Neurology.

Other Departments

Physiotherapy, Alternative medicine, Wellness centre, Dental, Implantology, Restorative and Oral Surgery.


A Team of Highly Motivated Doctors working for a towards a common Goal, that is to ensure the well being of their Patients

All (
Cardio Vascular (
Orthopedic (
Neurologist (
General Practitioner (
Physiotherapist (
Physician (
Pediatrician (
Psycologist (
Gynaecologist (
Optometrist (
  • Dr. Hussein Hassanali
    Cardio Vascular Surgeon
  • Dr. Murtaza Ayman
    Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dr. Abbas Essajee
    General Practitioner
  • Dr. Yusuf Jamnagerwalla
    Neurologist & Pediatrician
  • Dr. Quresh Karimjee
  • Dr. Dereck Kaale
    Emergency Physician
  • Dr. Gift Daniel
    General Practitioner
  • Dr. Filemon Mmary
    General Practitioner
  • Dr. Benjamin Rulakuze
    General Practitioner
  • Dr. Insiyah Amiji
  • Dr. Hadija Masankara
  • Dr Aqeela Mustafa
  • Dr. Huzeifa M. Amijee

Our facilities

State of the Art equipment has been installed at Saifee Hostipal to provide you with World Class Service.

Our Health Checkup Packages

We have Carefully Designed our Various Health Packages for various Age Groups and Sections of the Society.