Dr. Nuru Kondo
Specialist Family physician, MD, MMED
Dr Nuru Kondo is a physician who is dedicated to caring for you and your family. She acquires and maintains a broad array of competencies that cater for the needs of her clients.
She is a qualified specialist registered under the Medical Council of Tanzania. She has received her undergraduate studies from Saad Dahlab University Hospital in Algeria and later did her Masters of Medicine in family medicine from Aga Khan University, East Africa.
She has received several professional certificates from the University of Washington global health department that helps her in running her clinics well.
She holds certificates in Clinical management of HIV, Leadership and Management in Global Health, Monitoring and Evaluation of programs in global health, Programme management in global health and Economic evaluations in global health.
She is a member of the social medicine African Network and participates in community-oriented primary care services, tackling issues that are beyond the biological bases of diseases.
As a dedicated specialist, she provides comprehensive medical care, health maintenance, and preventive services to patients of every demographic
She offers holistic management of chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Obesity, Cholesterol problems, Thyroid issues etc.
She also provides management of acute conditions and routine care services such as infections, skin conditions, medical certifications, family planning, adolescent health etc.
Her general approach to care combines comprehensive wellness programs and counselling services targeting health literacy, psychosocial, and behaviour issues.
She also respects the spirituality of her clients and always aid them in tailoring the best medical plan for them.
Due to her good rapport with her clients, she serves as a patient advocate in liaising care with other specialists in the healthcare system. She ensures her clients' preferences are valued and respected and they are well informed to make decisions about their health care.
Among her hobbies, Dr Nuru, is a lifelong learner who enjoys reading to keep her up-to-date of the current trends on medicine and new guidelines which help to deliver evidence based care to her clients. She also enjoys travelling and adventures, which expose her to appreciate people’s cultures and diversity.
Dr Nuru is a trilingual specialist, with fluent knowledge of Kiswahili, English and French.
She offers Same day and next day appointment clinic. For her being a “patient” is not about waiting. She and the team will find a time that works for you.